Our clothesline pulleys are die cast zinc, which provides a superior engineered product that does not rust.
All of our zinc clothesline products are guaranteed for manufacturing defects with normal use and care. Wright Clothesline Products prides itself in producing high quality, durable products. All of our zinc castings are manufactured and assembled in Canada and our clothesline wire is imported from Europe.

Different Pulley Bearings

Ball bearings produce the longest spinning and smoothest of the pulleys

Ball Bearings

Two permanently lubricated ball bearings are in each wheel.

Nylon Bearings

Two nylon bushings are in each wheel to assist in the spinning of the pulley.

Regular Zinc

The regular zinc-plated rivet is our economy model.

Pulley Size

The larger in diameter the pulley is the longer the clothesline.
The larger the pulley size will make it easier to use the clothesline.

8-inch Pulley


8-inch and 6-inch Pulley


8-inch, 6-inch, and 5-inch Pulley


Rule Size For Pulleys

75 feet of drying line requires an 8-inch pulley

50 feet of drying line requires an 6-inch pulley

25 feet of drying line (or less) requires an 5-inch pulley


To prevent the line from moving once clothes are loaded, a clothes pin can be inserted through the bracket and pulley.