Wright Clothesline Products is committed to producing the same high-quality and environmentally friendly products that Solar Drying Systems provided for 60 years.

Solar Drying Systems is a family run business that has been making environmentally friendly clothesline products for 60 years.

Wright Clothesline ProductsWright Clothesline Products started as Wright Aluminum Limited, and in 2000 changed the name for the clothesline products to Solar Drying Systems to accurately inform customers of the products. The company’s founder, Harold Wright, saw clotheslines strung out around his neighbourhood and watched as people walked back and forth putting clothes on the line. He saw a need for a drying system that required minimal movement. This eventually resulted in the invention of the Wright Aluminum clothesline pulley, which made its way into production in 1946. Customers were impressed with the quality of these pulleys, and soon the rapid increase in orders caused the home-run business to move to a larger facility. In 2000 the manufacturing process shifted from permanent mold aluminum castings to zinc die casting, which increased the production capabilities. The zinc castings retain superior quality, and provide a more energy-efficient product that can also withstand varying climates. Wright Clothesline Products offers a range of pulley diameters; 5 inch, 6 inch, and 8 inch. The larger the pulley, the more secure it is for a longer clothesline. We also manufacture clothesline elevators. These devices allow the clotheslines to be raised 3 to 4 feet higher, which leaves more space in the yard. The line can then be easily moved up to create more room in the yard then down to load and unload clothing.

Solar Drying Systems see continued success across Canada and recent growth in the United States. Wright Clothesline Products would like to welcome new and returning customers to the process of drying clothes.